About Craig

12f0391   Executive and CTO-level skills in all aspects of Information Technology management to deployment. Experience with Financial, Retail, Distribution, Manufacturing, and Public Sector. Significant experience doing business in mainland China. 会讲中文也会做生意的老外。

2013-now: Principal and Owner of TransPac Systems, a management and technology consultancy focused on solving high-value business problems, typically involving the appropriate and efficient use of Information Technology. We’re experts in solving the “Wicked Problems” that plague business and public sector organizations, such as process inefficiency, waste, low productivity, mis-matched incentives, etc…

2009-2013: CTO at PreferredPartner, an Indianapolis-based IBM software reseller.

1991-2013: CEO of Pacific Design Engineering, and IT Consultancy focused on the commercial and county/municipal government marketplace. Deep expertise in retail (apparel-CPG-grocery), financial services, regional and local government, public safety, and distribution industries.

1984-1991: Founder/owner of CHI Systems, a government contractor and systems integrator with deep skills in embedded systems, networking, signal and image processing and high-speed computation.

Specialties: Expert in:
* Technology design
* Selecting and applying technology to business problems
* Business process analysis and redesign
* US-China business

I have a passion for open systems and network-based solutions to problems using efficient and reliable technologies. And, I particularly enjoy projects in China.