About Craig


Craig Humphreys is an executive and technology problem solver for Silicon Valley technology and large-scale corporate clients.  Craig has executive-level skills in all aspects of Information Technology management from design to deployment.

Craig is focused on solving high-value business problems, typically involving the appropriate and efficient use of Information Technology.  He uses technology as a lever to reduce the cost and maximize the efficiency of his solutions.  He is an expert in solving “Wicked Problems” that plague business and public sector organizations, such as process inefficiency, waste, low productivity, mismatched incentives, etc…

Craig has significant experience with Financial, Retail, Distribution, Manufacturing, Public Sector, and International clients. Significant experience doing business in mainland China.  Craig speaks Chinese fluently (会讲中文也会做生意的老外) and is reasonably conversant in German.

Craig is has founded numerous successful startups and consulted for many well-known companies such as Cisco, Facebook, Shutterfly, Macys, Walmart, CSE Insurance, and ABN Amro Sage.

He holds a MSEE and MBA from Stanford University and a BSEE/ChE minor from the University of California, Davis.  He lives in Nevada and is proud of his son studying Applied Mathematics at UCLA.